First thoughts on Panorama’s attack on Corbyn

This is the complaint I registered with the BBC, as soon as the programme finished:

The programme was completely biased, with nothing but attacks on Corbyn and scepticism and disbelief from the presenter regarding Corbyn’s electability. Many ‘authority figures’ were brought in to deride and attack Corbyn, but no authority figures were brought in to defend him. Only his supporters from the general public were allowed on the programme to praise or support him. In the absence of any big-name authority figures on his side, this made his supporters seem deluded, as if those ‘in the know’ all supposedly ‘knew’ he was a bad choice.
The tone of the programme was completely one-sided; all anti- Corbyn. It was nothing but an establishment attack against a politician who is rocking the boat and daring to challenge the status quo.
The BBC can no longer claim to be neutral, it has shown itself to be nothing but an establishment mouthpiece; an ideological tool, spouting lies and propaganda.

I am disgusted and livid. I can’t believe I have ever defended the BBC, it may as well be Fox news, as it now seems nothing but a mouthpiece for Murdoch and other corporate elites.


6 thoughts on “First thoughts on Panorama’s attack on Corbyn

  1. This was a programme designed to discredit the Jeremy Corbyn campaign, the involvement of the Labour ‘ Blairite ‘ types who fear for their futures as career politicians. They are running scared that they will lose their secure cushy lives as centre politicians claiming to be loyal labour MPs, but are prepared to scupper the JC campaign as it will make the left wing stronger.


  2. TOTALLY AGREE!!! I was appalled by the bias of this programme! Outraged that my taxes are paying for this kind of journalism. Has current government leant so hard on the BBC that they have no choice? Surely corruption in action.


  3. I too have always thought it is important to pay the licence fee in order to have an unbiased source of news. I have become increasingly horrified that I am paying for Right Wing and establishment propaganda.


  4. I am a conservative but i respect Jeremy for what he is doing for the democratic debate. I agree he is a breath of clean air in a dirty political smog. I was astonished at the bbc bias on Panorama. To pillory a decent man like that shows why the bbc needs reforming. Panorama looked like the product of a totalitarian regime against a political dissident. Shameful use of public money.


  5. Democracy ? what Democracy. This was a Totally bias programme by the BBC. Wish we could all edit things and portray people how we feel to influence the public.Right wing properganda . We can see who’s pocket the BBC are in.


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