Communication, Communication, Communication

-Why Labour lost the election 

All the post-election post-mortems have been so caught up with the desire to push the Party to the left or right, that they have completely missed the main point.

Labour didn’t lose the election on political direction; it lost because of poor communication.

Here’s what they lacked:

A clear, straightforward message: the Conservatives won because of their simple and clear message- you can’t trust Labour with the economy. Whilst Labour may have had much more to offer the electorate, the message was garbled and unclear, so it didn’t connect.

An effective media strategy: elections are won in the media, not on the doorstep. From the very beginning of their time in government, every Conservative politician in every media appearance made sure that they repeated the same key point – Labour crashed the economy.

Labour never refuted this and it was this, more than anything else, which lost them the election. It has been shown time and time again: if you say the same thing often enough, people will start to believe it. Labour’s belief that it would win the ‘ground war’, due its greater number of activists, was always misguided, as the voters’ minds were made up long before campaigners knocked their doors.

A powerful communicator: we had the right message, but the wrong messenger. Whilst Ed Miliband’s ideas may have been popular with much of the electorate, he wasn’t. A leader must inspire and excite- presence and powerful public-speaking are the key attributes in a political leader. You could have the best ideas in the world, but without effective delivery, they’re wasted. The Conservatives understood this key point, which is why they picked an ex-PR man as their leader. A Party leader’s role is sales, not product-design. Others can provide the ideas; Labour needs a leader who can sell them to the public.

In the end, the simple point is this:

The Conservatives didn’t win because they were more popular.

They didn’t win because their policies were more appealing.

They won because of better communication.

End of.

Brian Back

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