Labour leadership election: who deserves your vote- do any of them?

When considering the current candidates for the Labour leadership, you should ask yourself:

Which of the candidates for the Labour leadership excites you and inspires you?

Which of these candidates is going to excite and inspire the nation, and convince them to vote Labour?

Which of these candidates has the skills and qualities that Ed Miliband lacked?

Which of these candidates could do a much better job of holding the government to account than Ed Miliband?

Any of them?

I don’t know about you, but what got me so much more involved with the Labour movement, was my frustration and despair at the ineffectual responses of many Labour politicians to the pronouncements and policies of the Tories over the last five years.

Did you feel the same?

If so, think about it- in the last five years, were our leadership candidates among those whose response to the Tories was so disappointing?

Did our candidates provide an effective opposition?

What leadership qualities have the leadership candidates so far displayed?

Let’s consider their performance…

Which of our leadership candidates impressed you on the following issues? :

Many people believe that the Conservatives won because of their reputation for greater economic competence. When the Conservatives were constantly spreading the extremely damaging but hugely effective lie- that Labour caused the crash, which of our candidates repeatedly spoke out to refute and deny this much-repeated claim?

When the Conservatives brought in the hated bedroom tax, which of our candidates stepped up to head the campaign against it and used their position in the public eye to passionately and constantly denounce the unfairness of it?

When the Conservatives cut off access to justice, by cutting legal aid, which candidates called for a public enquiry and fiercely protested against this abuse of human rights?

When benefit sanctions hit and the need for food banks grew, which of our candidates called for a public enquiry, and passionately and continually protested against this continued and ever growing abuse of human rights?

When ATOS assessments were leading to unjust and unfair benefit cuts for the most vulnerable in our society, and then on some tragic occasions, to suicide, which of the candidates called for a public enquiry, or for the arrest of all those involved in this abuse of human rights?

Any of them?

The leadership candidates have all stepped forward, now that they see a chance to advance their careers and improve their lives. Which of them stepped forward and stepped up to the challenge of protecting the most vulnerable and improving the lives of the poorest and weakest amongst us?

Which of them became famous for being the thorn in the side of the Coalition government?

Which of them stood out, for their principled stand, as they led the fight against the grossly unfair Tory policies?

Any of them?

The leader’s role is to be the face of the party, to lead and inspire, but it is not their job alone. All of the shadow cabinet share the responsibility to use their position in the public eye to step up to the challenge, speak out against unjust and unfair policies and lead the rest of the party and the country in the fight against the Tories.

Which of the current candidates did a good job of this in the last five years?

Which of them provided a really effective opposition to the policies and pronouncements of the Tories?

Which of the current candidates have earned the right to be Labour leader?

Any of them?

Brian Back

One thought on “Labour leadership election: who deserves your vote- do any of them?

  1. None of the candidates stand out as having done all (or indeed many) of these things. Neither do any of the candidates offer anything drastically better than Ed, all Labour members can realistically expect is a lurch to right (which they’ll call the centre) in a poor tribute act to New Labour.


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